charcoal nose stips

Charcoal Nose strip Review. Are they worth it?

Product name: Charcoal nose strips for blackheads by Hip Hop

About the product:

This box comes with 3 strips that claim to remove blackheads. Application method is to wet your nose with warm water and place the black side of the strip on it. Keep it for about 10-15 mins and gently remove the strip.

Price: Approx INR 90/- for 3 strips

My experience with the product:

It was not that great. I had ordered it after seeing so many positive reviews on nykaa. My sister and I tried it. It sticks properly on the nose after you apply water (it does not stick to dry skin you have to wet it before). At the time of removing it had stuck to the nose so tightly that it hurt while removing. Finally I had to apply water to it but that didn’t help much. It surprisingly removed a lot of blackheads, we could see it on the strip, so it lives up to its claims. After some time my nose became so itchy that it was unbearable at one point. I had to wash my face, put on some moisturiser and massage it to cool it down but my sister didn’t experience this. So I think this product is not that great for sensitive skin.


  • Removes blackheads & whiteheads.


  • It hurts at the time of removing,
  • Sensitive skin might experience itchiness after some time.

Final thoughts:

I personally would never use strips here after. A clay mask would be better.

Let me know if you have tried the same product or have any alternative for it?

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